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Main Application of NdFeB Magnet

NdFeb magnets ( neodymium magnets) are having strong magnetic properties, therefore neodymium magnets are widely applied in high tech areas, energy domain and areas of daily life. Wind generation,MRI,CT,electrical cars,cellphones,DC motors, AC motors, serve motors, linear mortors,sensors,magnetic instruments, meters, operators, electrical bike, electrical car,computer science,speaker,headphone,digital camera magnetic instrument,concrete magnet, magnetic badge,round base magnets,permanent magnetic lifter,car mount phone holding device, magnetic toys, neoballs ,neocubes,firdge magnet.

wind generating MRI electric car

speaker magnet ndfeb magnets

computer permanent magnet

motor operator sensor  meter

Magnetic Assemblies and Magnet Items

1. Construction Precast Concrete Cerment Formwork Magnet

concrete system 700x500

Concrete formwork magnet system(magnetic block lock system).The main function of this system is to completing the cement injection into a formwork structure ,

after concrete is hardened,removing the structure then assembling the dry walls and roofs to build house or apartment fast conveniently and fast. It is a high-tech design, which provides both the functionality of concrete products shaping and fixation. By using concret formwork magnet system,building workers are no longer need taking extra effort to make windows or doors or holes while building a construction. Through this system, construction will be more faster and safer.

Concrete magnetic block lock system is formed by welded iron house, push-button,stabling nut and a powerful magnet. Concrete magnetic block is the ideal solution to build any complex designs by installing both metalic or wooden formwork structures. Holding force of the clutch is range from 450 to 2 100 kg. which offers a convinience for operation. This concrete system solving the existing problems in construction the application of concrete magnet provides high flexibility and convincing in construction.

2. Magnetic Name badge Name Tag Magnet

ndfeb magnet name badge

Magnetic name badge ( magnetic name tag ) are made of nickel coated iron gasket, form glue and strong neodymium magnet discs. They are very popular around big company or activity like event organization.

1. Pin fastener keeps your badge in one spot firmly.

This advantage make name tags very hot selling items .

2. Attach to a collar or pocket noticeable and safely.

The name tag will offer a noticeable and simple elegantof refinement,also could avoid forgetting name or title.

3. No longer to hang a cumbersome ribbon on your neck.

The badge will not hitch any object like a ribbon and wouldn`t cause a troublesome situation of pass permit damage or loss.

4. Magnetic fastener won't harm delicate clothing.

Easy to use badge magnets will not damage your precious clothing, you will never again have to worry about the holes and tears caused by pins and clips

3. Permanent Magnetic Filter NdFeB Iron Cleaner

magnetic filter 700x500

The magnetic filters are formwork like assembly consist of neodymium magnet bar / lib and stainless steel,usually they are applied in a sealed pot filled with fluid,.The magnetic filter will produce a permanent strongmagnetism loop that will catch iron contaminant from the liquid, so magnetic filter is widely applied in food,oil,medicine,

chemical areas.We offer two kind of magnetic filter: ( customize available ) 1. Manually Cleaned type- (Solid NdFeB magnet bar - 10200 gauss) 2.Self cleaned - (Single hole NdFeB magnet bar- 6400 gauss)

4. Neodymium Magnetic Round base magnet

round base neodymium magnet

This magnetic base has a powerful neodymium ring magnet encased in a nickel plated iron cup with a mounting hole or a thread knob in the center. suspend heavy items as speakers, tools and spotlights that with ferromagnetic surface,they are ideal for variety of place in the home,shop, office or garage, The strong magneic force could hold up to 164 KG heavy objects. If add a hookor ring shaped unit on it, round base magnet also could be used on magnetic fishing. Due to the amazing function and reasonable price, they are popular around the world.

5. Color Plated Neocube Neoball IQ Toy

colored neocube neoball IQ toy

Neocubes ( neoball ) are toys of 216 bead magnetic spheres and been manufactured as stress relief items or educational toys. Due to the strong isotropic attraction of balls,You can twist and combine neocube into any shape by taking efforts. Why neocube is so popular around the world? Reasons are as bellow.

1. Educational Meaning: Understanding geometry in theoretical and practical aspect.

2. IQ Enhancing: Neocube do simulate your brain by calculate and memorize shapes.

3. Alleviate Tension: Neocube could be molded and contorted to any suitable shapes. Playing a Neocubetakes effort, it can release pressure andtension easily while you

concentrate attention and imagination.

6. Super Strong Force Permanent magnetic lifter

permanent magnetic lifter

Permanent magnetic lifters can hoist iron and steel objects while providing a quick and convenient method of loading, unloading and moving. As magnetic assemblies,they are only work with ferromagnetic materials, so it won't work on plastic or glass. Permanent magnetic lifters are the most ideal lifting equipment for factories,warehouses,docks,transportation. Basically,when use the lifter, turn the rotor to 'On' position, there is a magnetism loop to picked up ferromagnetic materials. Whenturn to the 'Off' position,the magnetism loop weakened and throw the material off.


safety cautions

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